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Our institute offers workshops and other educational activities on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for students, practitioners, and psychologists who are interested in further specialization in this psychotherapeutic approach.


a. Trainings for students
Psychology students are welcome in our Institute to participate in educational and training activities, where we discuss principles, techniques, and methodologies of psychotherapy for students who aspire to become future psychotherapists.

b. Trainings for professionals
Our trainings provide opportunities to mental health professionals to enrich their knowledge and equip themselves with new knowledge on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the latest developments in the field.

Scientific Research

Our institute values scientific research as an essential source of information for analyzing psychological approaches and treatment planning of mental health disorders. The Institute participates in scientific research in Albania and abroad in order to contribute to the field with quality findings.


Our team is engaged in the design and implementation of projects focusing on mental health topics. With these projects, our goal is to improve the lives of individuals affected by mental health disorders, to develop awareness-raising and informative activities, and to contribute to the advancement of the science of Psychology in the country.